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Network get together

Claim your Future is in collaboration with the Freonen Fan Fossijlvrij Fryslân to bring an important and crucial topic closer to the younger
generations: to strive towards a sustainable and green Friesland with less emissions and more awareness of our environment. Of course,
Friesland has already many initiatives on rising awareness and realize a sustainable society. However, it is important that every societal
group is included in the realisation to a sustainable future in Friesland and that is why we want to start a pilot project with generation Z and
generation Alpha. While focusing on the sustainable development goals, Claim your Future wants to inspire, involve and realise the
necessity of sustainability in the classrooms in Friesland. And together with the amazing network of Freonen Fan Fossylfrij Fryslân we are
excited to realise this project to make Friesland a greener and sustainable place!


jan 26 2023


17:00 - 19:00


Rengerslaan 1, 8917DD Leeuwarden